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R&D Introduction
R&D Achievements
Achievement I

The success of new products is driven by the innovation in the scientific research and development. Luoxin Pharma has got over 280 manufacturing licenses approved till 2013.

   YanDa® (Gatifloxacin Capsules) has got approval as Category 1 new drug by China Food and Drug Administration, which was not only the first drug among the new generation of quinolones but also the first lyophilized powder injection formation manufactured in Linyi.

   LanChuan® (Lansoprazole Injection) has got approval as Category 3 new drug by China Food and Drug Administration, which not only was a generic of new proton pump inhibitor with new formulation but also extended 3 new indications as a significant differentiation with the originator.  

In addition, the new generation of Cephalosporin drugs was designated as the breakthrough in raw material manufacture process.

Achievement II

Luoxin has made great efforts to encourage, maintain, and protect the innovations with a series process of copyright management.

Till now, Luoxin Group has got 93 China patents in the area of Research and Development, among which 83 technologies were designated as China National invention patients.

Achievement III

In Luoxin, more than 80% of independent innovations were converted into commercialization. Luoxin Pharma has got 84 awards for the scientific achievements across disease areas (oncology, gastrointertinal diseases, and infectious diseases) in civic, provincial, or national level. Many of the achievements were collaborated with and supported by different academic associations and government initiatives. 

Achievement IV

In accordance with the grand goal of Twelfth Five Year Plan" development plan, Luoxin Pharma has also got total 82 Scientific Progress Awards, of which 3 were designated as National level, 22 at Provincial Level, and 57 at Civic Level. 

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