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R&D Introduction
R&D Achievements
The R&D Center in Shanghai

The Shanghai R&D center of Luoxin pharma was established in June 2014. The senior management team has decent experiences in drug discovery and drug development, especially under China regulatory environment.  The goal of Shanghai center is to enrich Luoxin's current product pipeline with innovative medicines. Meanwhile, it also serves as a window for communications with potential external strategic partners, in order to expand our capabilities through partnerships. With a sensible cross-cultural team, we believe that it would result in a fruitful collaboration.

Technical Platform

Over the years, we have set up State and Province Joint Engineering Laboratory, State-certified corporate R&D Center,Taishan Scholar Position, Pharmaceutical Key Laboratory, National Post-doctoral Research Station, Workstation of Shandong Academy, Pharmaceutical Engineering Technology Research Center of Lyophilized Powder in Shandong Province, Pharmaceutical Engineering Laboratory and so on, all those lay solid foundation for our innovation development, all those lay solid foundation for our innovation development.

R&D Team

At present, we have more than 300 research staff, one third of the team has doctoral or master degrees. With the addition of Shanghai R&D team, Luoxin Pharma is preparing for the transformation for the future.


The company actively promotes the implementation of "Industry, University and Research" and has established a long-term stable collaboration with over thirty colleges and universities as well as research institutes, guaranteeing the new products and new technology were inputted into Luoxin continuously and promoting the research and development of new medicines.
Shenyang Pharmaceutical University opened programs within Luoxin from 2008, and Luoxin team is receiving continuous education through this program.  By far, together with Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, Luoxin has extabished  six college/bachelor degree programs, and one  graduate program within the company.
At the end of 2013, Luoxin and Shandong University jointly set up the program for engineering master degree. The industry-academia collaboration model not only brings new technology to Luoxin, but also set up a channel for  talent training and recruitment.

R&D Investment

To promote the innovation of scientific research and build up a healthy product pipeline of, Luoxin continuously increases the investment of R&D every year. The significant capital investment in equipment, talents, and R&D assure our continuous success.

Transforming Science into Productivity
Till now, Luoxin has more than 300 products approved£¬covering more than ten different formulations. Among them, the quality of multiple products (ex, Lanchuan); reached the international level.
    >46 national new drug certificates.
    >83 national invention patents.
    >97 scientific researches passed acceptance inspection.
    >28 technology reached the international level.

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