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China Pharmaceutical University Delegation Visited Luoxin
The Publisher£ºLUOXIN   Time£º2015/4/10   Read£º14´Î

On April 9th, 2015, a meeting between China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) and Luoxin Shanghai was held. Attendees from China Pharmaceutical University are Dr. Tao Lu, vice president; Mr. Guan Wei, general manager of CPU Pharmaceuticals; Mr. Zhongming Huang, director of sales of CPU Pharmaceuticals; Mr. FengHua, head of CPU API manufacture. Luoxin attendees are Ryan Liu, president; Dr. Zhengying Zhu, CMO; Dr. Wenqian Yang, senior director of chemistry process development. Topics included technological innovation, talent training and collaboration between the two organizations. After the meeting, they also visited Luoxin labs.


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